13.14.15 MARCH 2020



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Le Jury Du Mondial du Tatouage © Anthony Dubois

Our jury of legendary tattoo artists who revolutionized modern tattoo art : FILIP LEU, LUKE ATKINSON, KARI BARBA and MARK MAHONEY. The event’s most beautiful tattoos will be attributed one of 24 statuettes of a rooster head, sculpted by Tin-Tin himself. Many other prizes will also be given to the artists and their customers from our various sponsors.


Friday 13th March

15:00 Best Small Tattoo (Black & Grey AND Colour)
17:00 Best Medium Sized Tattoo (Black & Grey AND Colour)
19:15 Best of Day Friday

Saturday 14th March

15:00 Best Large Tattoo (Black & Grey AND Colour)
17:00 Best Chest or Back piece
19:30 Best of Day Saturday

Sunday 15th March

14:30 Best Bodysuit
17:30 Best of Show


Friday 15th February

Best Small Black & Grey
IVANO NATALE (Thy Gallery Studios, Italie)
LAURA SATANA (Exxxotic Tattoos, France)
MANU DURAND (Realist'Ink Tattoo, France)

Best Small Color
DAVID FERNANDEZ (La Llorona Tattoo, Espagne)
SZIDONIA CERGELY (Kamil Tattoos, Royaume-Uni)
3° Combo MICHAËL TAGUET (Yama Tattoo, France) & MARTY EARLY (on the road, USA)

Best of Friday
OZONE (Division, Grèce)
FEEL DELAS (Original Side Tattoo, France)
VIVIANA CALVO (Two Anchors Tattoo Parlour, Espagne)

Saturday 16th February

Best Large Black & Grey
YARSON (Yarson Tattoo Studio, Royaume-Uni)
PIERROKED (On the road, France)
VLADY (Positive Vibrations, Italie)

Best Large Color
LEVGEN (Voice of Ink, Pologne)
SHOOBY (Me Gus Tattoo, France)
LIONEL MR BIZ (Monsieur Biz Tattoo, France)

Best of Saturday
FEDE GAS (Gas Tattoo Studio, Espagne)
YARSON (Yarson Tattoo Studio, Royaume-Uni)
VIVIANA CALVO (Two Anchors Tattoo Parlour, Espagne)

Sunday 17th February

Best Bodysuit
UIGU LEE (Zumiism, Corée du Sud)
CHING (Orient Ching Tattoo, Taïwan)
JOAO MORAIS (Piranha Tattoo Studios, Portugal)

Best of SHOW
1° Combo BICHON (The Golden Rabbit, Paris) & SEB INKME (Noir Charbon, Belgique)
FLO ZIMMERER (Flo Zimmerer Tattoo, Autriche)
LUKA LAJOIE (The Arts Corporation, Canada)
4° (*) SAM BARBER (North of Winter, Royaume-Uni)

* Outstanding prize awarded for this 2019 edition.