Portraits of tattooers taken at the convention over the past three years.

It may be an ancient craft, but the fact remains that tattooing is a connotative art, with its sometimes caricature-like portrayals. Fascinated by this unique art form, Greg Conraux has decided to unveil his innovative vision through a series of raw portraits and a diptych of close-ups, based on his experience as a fashion and beauty photographer. Captured first hand in just a few minutes, with no preparation, these 200 photographs show unfiltered artists, exactly as they wish to be represented.
Through this unprecedented panorama, Greg Conraux depicts legends of the profession as well as emerging talents from eclectic backgrounds, embodying a new generation of tattoo artists. This modern, authentic vision puts them in prime position; they are erected as symbols of the revolution causing deep ripples throughout the tattooing world.